MCKS Food for the Hungry, is a not for profit organization started in 2005. Infused with Master Choa Kok Sui’s teaching, the foundation is a force working to make India a hunger free country. Know More

Meals provided from our kitchen

Since November, 2017

591 Students
3000 Meals Daily
28 Old Age Beneficiaries
25 Health Camps


The EMA campaign which was launched in mid 2007 is a movement today. Based on the ancient indian tradition of grain collection, this unique initiative has set up a network of households, corporates, schools with whose contribution we have successfully distributed thousands of meals till date. EMA is a brainchild of 'Food for the Hungry Foundation' which was set-up by Master Choa Kok Sui. The foundation tirelessly works towards its vision of 'a hunger free world' and the 'Ek Muthi Anaaj' campaign continues to be an inspiring step in that pursuit.

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MCKS - Food For Hungry Foundation

The Kalahandi Project

Orissa Kalahandi district:-

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MCKS - Food For Hungry Foundation

Health Programs

Orissa Kalahandi: Free health check-ups are conduct

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MCKS - Food For Hungry Foundation

Education Programs

Orissa Kalahandi:- Non formal education

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